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Driver Ed: FAQs

What is Graduated Licencing?

If you are a new driver, you’ll earn full driving privileges in 2 stages.  In the first level G1, you will learn and practice under conditions that reduce your risk of collisions.  This is the ideal time to be taking the Beginner Driver Education Program.  The Beginner Driver Education Program is designed to prepare you to be a safe and responsible driver for life.  You will be taught all of the skills necessary to take a road test to enter the second stage of the Graduated Licencing - G2.  After a year in G2, you can take a second road test which includes highway driving to qualify for your full driver’s licence (G Licence).

What are the driving restrictions for a G1 or G2 licence?

For the most recent and accurate regulations for each Licencing Level visit the Ministry of Transportation Website at

How do I get my G1, G2, or G Licence?

All driver testing must be done at authorized DriveTest Centres.  For the G1 written test you do not need an appointment, however for the G2 and G road tests you will need to book an appointment.  For their locations, hours of operation, to book an appointment, or additional information, you can visit their website at:

Do I have to stay at the G1 Level for one year or is it 8 months?

It can be either.  The normal time spent at G1 Level of the Graduated Licencing system for a new driver is one year.   However, if you successfully complete an approved Beginner Driver Education Program, you are given a 4 month reduction in this waiting time. Therefore, you will be eligible to go for your G2 Road test 8 months from the date your G1 was issued.

Is the Centre for Education & Training Beginner Driver Education Program approved the by Ministry of Transportation?

Yes, we are most definitely approved.   In order to be approved by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), driving schools must use a curriculum which has been approved by the MTO as well as use qualified instructors who meet specific standards as set out by the MTO.   We are audited by the MTO to ensure we are in compliance with these standards.

Do I have to be a student of the Peel District School Board to take this program?

No.  The Beginner Driver Education Program is open to anyone who wishes to acquire their Ontario Driver’s Licence.

Why should I choose the Centre for Education & Training Drivers Ed Program?

Our Beginner Driver Education Program has been in operation for more than 40 years.  Our team of instructor’s posses the teaching skills and knowledge that only comes with many years of experience.  The majority of our instructors have been employed with us, teaching new drivers in the Peel Region, for 10 years or longer.   We are very committed to providing a quality program and excellent customer service to our clients.  

How can I sign up for the Beginner Driver Education Program?

You can register on our website by clicking on “Register & Pay Online” or you can register through the Guidance Office at any Peel District School Board Secondary School or you can call our office and register by telephone (905-949-0049, extension 2293).

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes you can pay in four monthly payments.  The details are outlined on our registration forms.  To sign up for the payment plan you must register either via telephone (905 949- 0049 ext. 2293) or through the Guidance Office at any Peel District School Board Secondary School. 

Do I have to have my G1 before I can sign up for the Beginner Driver Education Program?

No.  Students who are 16 years of age (or very close to turning 16) can join the in-class portion of the program without yet having their G1.  Since you will need your G1 before you can start the driving lessons, we do encourage students to get their G1 shortly after they start the in-class portion because we want you to start your in-car lessons shortly after finishing the classroom portion. (while the information you have learned in-class is still fresh in your mind)

What does the Centre for Education & Training Beginner Driver Education Program consist of?

Our Beginner Driver Education program consists of 20 hours of instructor-led classroom instruction; 10 hours of flexible learning; and 10 hours of private in-car driving lessons.

What is 10 hours flexible learning?

Students are given a student workbook on the first day of their in-class training.  This workbook is to be completed by the student as a homework assignment.   The workbook reinforces the safe driving principles taught in class and is designed to teach new drivers to think ahead and analyze different driving scenarios so that in real life situations they can react in a safe and appropriate manner.

When can I start the 10 hours of private in-car driving lessons?

We prefer that students start the classroom portion of the program before they start their driving lessons. The reason we do it this way is so that students will have a good understanding of many of the rules of the road before they get behind the wheel with the driving instructor. This allows our in-car driving instructor to concentrate on teaching the more practical aspects of becoming a safe and competent driver.

Are the driving lessons private or will there be other students in the car during my lesson?

Our driving lessons are private. The only situation when you might find more than one student in our Driver Education vehicles is during a changeover from one student to the next.

Will I be picked up at home for my in-car lessons?

Yes.  You will be picked up at home or school and returned to home or school for each in-car lesson.  Please be ready to go when the instructor arrives and make sure you have your G1 permit with you for all lessons.

Will 10 hours of in-car driving lessons be enough for me to pass my G2 Road Test?

In most cases the answer to this question is NO (although there are always exceptions).   The 10 one hour lessons are intended to teach you the skills, however as with any new skill, practice is necessary to master it.  We strongly encourage students to practice between each of their 10 lessons with a parent or other qualified driver.  It is recommended that new drivers get between 30 and 40 hours of practice.  With the 10 hours of formal training and sufficient practice, you will be ready for the G2 Road Test.

How will I know if I have passed the Beginner Driver Education Program?

Students must attend all classes and achieve at least an 80% average on all components of the program (in-class; student workbook; & in-car).   If there is an area of concern, the instructor will address it with you and make arrangements for you to bring your grade up to a passing mark.   This can mean taking measures such as: an extra assignment, redoing a class; retaking a test, or getting additional practice driving at home with a qualified driver. We want our students to be successful!  

Does the Beginner Driver Education Program include the use of the instructor’s car for the road test?

The Ministry road test is separate from this program.   If you want your instructor to take you, you can discuss arrangements directly with your instructor.   Our instructors charge a maximum of $135.00 for a “Road Test Package”   The package will include a one hour pre-test lesson; pick up and drop off from home; and the use of the instructor’s car.  This applies to the local DriveTest Centres in your area. (ask your driving instructor for your closest local Drivetest Centres)

I hear it is easier to pass at certain Drivetest Centres. Can I go to any Drivetest Centre to take my road test?

You have every right to book a road test wherever you choose.  However, our success rates illustrate that students who are fully prepared by our instructors and have had adequate practice will pass their G2 Road Test at any of the DriveTest Centres. We want our graduates to be safe and competent drivers prepared for any situation.

Will I get a certificate when I successfully complete the program?

As of October 2008, the Ministry of Transportation stopped all driving schools from issuing "Beginner Driver Education Certificates" to students. All driving schools must now go online with the Ministry of Transportation and “certify” a student when they successfully complete the Beginner Drivers Education Program. This information is recorded onto the student's Drivers Licence History with the Ministry of Transportation and becomes part of the student's permanent driving record.   

What if my insurance company wants proof that I have taken a Beginner Driver Education Program?

If you require proof of completion you will need to obtain your Driver Licence History (DLH) from ServiceOntario. It is best to go in person. They charge a fee of $12.00 for issuing a Drivers Licence History – instructions for obtaining your DLH can be found at:

What kind of insurance discount can I expect after successfully completing the Beginner Driver Education Program?

Once you successfully complete the Beginner Driver Education program, this information will be recorded on your Driver’s Licence History.    The Driver’s Licence History provides proof of successful completion of and graduation from a BDE course and is widely recognized by the insurance industry as proof of course completion.
BDE graduates with a Driver’s Licence History may be eligible for an insurance discount.    If you wish to know exactly how much you will be saving, we always recommended that you contact your own insurance carrier to request an estimate.



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