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About the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB):

The Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) are the national standard used in Canada for describing, measuring and recognizing the English language proficiency of adult immigrants and prospective immigrants for living and working in Canada.

The CLB is a descriptive scale of communicative proficiency in English as a Second Language, expressed as benchmarks or reference points.  Benchmarks provide a framework of reference for learning, teaching, programming and assessing adult English as a Second Language in Canada, and a national standard for planning second language curricula for a variety of contexts and a common “yardstick” for assessing the outcomes. 

The CLB was developed under the sponsorship of Citizenship and Immigration Canada and provincial governments of Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.

Enhanced Language Training Placement Test (6 – 10)  (ELTPA) Logo

The Enhanced Language Training Placement Assessment (Benchmark 6-10), or ELTPA (6-10), is a low-stakes assessment tool for placing adult newcomers, mostly internationally trained professionals and trades people, in Enhanced Language Training programs.  As the ELT programs deliver work-oriented language training, the Assessment focuses on evaluating language skills representative of those required in work or work-readiness settings.  The ELTPA (6-10) is referenced to the Canadian Language Benchmarks 2000 and is a task-based instrument addressing a range of genres and themes. The assessment distinguishes communicative competence in four skill areas across a range of abilities from Benchmark 6 and below (6-) to 10 and above (10+).  As no distinctions are drawn in proficiency levels at Benchmark 6 or lower, it is recommended that the ELTPA be used for assessment of those candidates whose language skills have been evaluated through prior CLB testing to be at Benchmark 6 or higher.

ELTPA training provides:

  • 1.5 days of trainer-facilitated intensive instruction, skill application and coaching
  • instruction in test administration protocol
  • review of interview skills, with a focus on enhanced language clients
  • analysis and scoring of case studies
  • application of learned skills through practice interviews with candidates whose language skills have been evaluated through prior CLB testing to be at Benchmark 6 or higher
  • ELTPA (6 – 10) certification
  • a ELTPA (6 – 10) kit for certified candidates
  • additional ELTPA (6 – 10) material as developed (e.g. test revisions/updates)

Assessor Training Eligibility

Candidates for ELTPA training must have prior certification in CLBA or CLBPT. All candidates for training must meet the Criteria for Candidates for Assessor Training. Candidates and their sponsoring organization/centre will be held responsible for ensuring that all terms and conditions of CLBA use are adhered to, as described in the Agreements.


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