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Our professional team will provide the appropriate resources, skills and opportunities which empower people to achieve their potential.


Centre for Education & Centre for Education & Training (TCET) was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in 1996 under the legal name Quality Continuous Improvement Centre for Community Education and Training (QCICCET). It is managed by a Board of Directors working in accordance with established laws for not-for-profit organizations. In 2018 TCET continued to develop and operate programs with funding from a variety of government sources, private corporations and individual fee payers


We will be recognized as the leader in delivering employment, settlement and language services in the communities we serve.




I am proud of what the Centre for Education & Training has achieved not only this past year but these last three years (and many more) as well. Our mission is simple: “Our professional team will provide the appropriate support, resources and opportunities which empower people to realize their full potential.” With approximately 100,000 individual annual visits to our 10 facilities across the GTA, many lives were changed this past fiscal year. Unsolicited testimonies from our clients provided confirmation of skills enhanced, career paths defined and job opportunities realized. Definitely, our vision: “We will be recognized as the leader in delivering employment, settlement and language services in the communities we serve”, was and is being literally fulfilled each and every day. So, to the 250 full time staff and more than 150 part time and casual associates, we must say thank you, for your commitment, your sacrifice and your support. As CEO, it is an awesome responsibility when one recognizes not only the thousands of individuals directly benefiting from TCET’s mission, but as well the many hundreds of families we support directly and indirectly.

Now what? Just when we thought stability was achieved, change is invoked. The comfort of the past was replaced with the fear of the unknown. With poor vision, limited information, and many changing variables, the journey ahead seems less certain. How does one lead or follow under such circumstances?

A successful past does not guarantee a successful future. Our sector is involved in a significant restructuring to identify efficiencies and improve services. We support these initiatives. Resources are limited, so we must innovate constantly. A creative approach must be employed. TCET will be part of the solution. Whatever change is identified and applied, we will embrace and invoke. We must partner with our government, our communities, our service partners and other stakeholders to build a new high-performance delivery model that guarantees the critical investments we must make in the lives of so many, allowing us to produce the long term outcomes we all demand, leading to the successful integration of newcomers and immigrants to Canada; meaningful careers and employment for our youth; protection & support of our visible minorities; erasing gender inequities; and recognizing the unlimited contribution from our seniors.

Change is good and survivable, when it is properly defined, and we agree to embrace it. But the lesson we have learned and must continue to apply is not about surviving change but “changing in order to survive”. At TCET, we believe in order to ensure long term sustainability, we must innovate further, creating new opportunities for our clients to realize their full potential.

Thank you.

Merv Hillier, CEO


Farhad Sethna, Chair of the Board
Andrew Gall, Board Vice-Chair, Corporate Secretary, and Chair of the Governance & Nominating Committee
Epsit Jajal, Treasurer, Board Member, and Chair of the Finance & Audit Committee
Pamela Wong, Board Member, and Chair of the Human Resources & Compensation Committee
Adnan Masood, Board Member, and Vice-Chair of the Governance & Nominating Committee
Anum Kazi, Board Member, and Governance & Nominating Committee
Desmond Alvares, Board Member, and Governance & Nominating Committee
Jeff Brown, Board Member, and Vice-Chair of Human Resources & Compensation Committee
Mark Poole, Board Member, and Finance & Audit Committee
Robert Murison, Board Member, and Vice-Chair of Finance & Audit Committee


Gouri Khorana, Governance & Nominating Committee
Jay Adhvaryu, Human Resources & Compensation Committee
Lenna Bradburn, Human Resources & Compensation Committee
Martina Wood, Human Resources & Compensation Committee
Melissa Qi, Finance & Audit Committee
Robert Pearson, Finance & Audit Committee


Merv Hillier, Chief Executive Officer
Robert Olson, Chief Operations Officer & Chief Privacy Officer
Karen McNeil, Senior Director, Language Services
Moya MacKinnon, Senior Director, Employment & Newcomer Services
Teresa Landry, Senior Director, Human Resources
Oscar Bolivar, Controller


The Centre for Education & Training is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in 1996 and a leading provider of
Employment and Career Services, Newcomer and Specialized Services, and Language Assessment & Training.

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2018 saw the continuation of employment programs and career services across the GTA. Over 27,000 clients were supported as they set about strengthening their employability and job search skills. Centre for Education & Training offered unique career and employment services tailored for successful outcomes. Our target groups included many having the most difficulty achieving employment. We provided clients with the encouragement and support they needed to overcome barriers and achieve their career and employment goals. TCET’s innovative employment marketing campaigns and added-value services attracted new clients and employers. Our services provided the tools for success including job postings, recruitment assistance, job fairs, and support with wage subsidy programs. In addition, human resource services and supports were provided to almost 900 local employers.

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2018 has been another year of success and achievements for Centre for Education & Training (TCET) Employment Services. With funding from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) we supported Ontarians in meeting employment, training and business goals through an efficient, effective and high quality, professional service.

TCET delivers Employment Services in six sites in Peel Region (Mississauga, Brampton, and Malton) and Toronto (North York, Center) and is a first-choice destination for job seekers in our communities.  TCET continued to run programs that meet the needs of job seekers and employers. These include the Youth Job Link Program, Employing Young Talent Initiative, Youth Job Connect and Youth Job Connect Summer programs along with the Canada Ontario Job Grant program.

The success of our employer clients and job search clients are what makes TCET Employment Services a success.

Long term TCET Employer – Habitat for Humanity relies on TCET to provide great talent to fulfill their human resource needs. Working to pre-screen candidates for their vacancies, our job developers find the reliable employees to fill their varied employment opportunities. Habitat hires individuals who face barriers, those living with disabilities or those who have faced long periods of unemployment. TCET’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity has allowed for many long-term employment opportunities.

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2018 was another growth year for the unique training programs and services offered to newcomers and youth within our communities.

Programs and funders included:

  • Employability Skills for Youth (Service Canada)
  • Next Steps for Youth and Bridges to Employment (Toronto Employment and Social Services)
  • Newcomer Youth Settlement and Integration Services (Ministry of Children & Youth Services)
  • Black Youth School Success Initiative (Ontario Trillium Foundation)

The Employability Skills for Youth project (ES4Y) assists youth with significant barriers to employment, to identify and develop the essential skills needed in order to obtain and maintain employment. As a direct response to the high unemployment rate for youth the program assists youth who are out of school, unemployed and eligible to work in Canada. Youth education levels range from high to post-secondary graduates. All participants have multiple barriers to their employment and a need to develop their employability and essential skills.

Offered in Brampton, Toronto and Durham Region, youth participate in 4 weeks of group-based learning plus 8 weeks of paid work placements.

In partnership with Toronto Employment and Social Services, TCET provides the specialized Next Steps for Youth and Bridges to Employment programs for Ontario Works clients. Assessment and customized action plans are developed, and individual support are provided to youth and newcomers who learn about labour market expectations in their areas of interest and work on next steps on their career path.

Centre for Education & Training in partnership with Volunteer Mississauga Brampton Caledon (VMBC) provided a unique program to engage newcomer youth in community life while making social connections and further developing their networks. Funded by Province of Ontario, the Newcomer Youth Settlement and Integration Services program worked with 24 newcomer youth in Peel Region to develop their leadership skills and implement a community service project utilizing Leadership Education and Development (Youth LEaD) training tools. Newcomer Youth made use of their newly developed skills to organize a youth volunteer fair attended by 20 volunteer organizations and over 100 youth from the Peel community at the end of the summer.

2018 marked the launch of a new project of the Black Youth School Success Initiative (BYSSI) Program. With funding from Trillium Foundation, TCET administers the program and operates with a collaborative of community partners in order to support up to 500 Black children and youth during all four years of high school to achieve graduation rates that are on par with the Regional average.  The long- and short-term goals of the program are in the areas of:

  • Education: Black children & youth engaged in school and have access to resources to prepare them for university/college/work
  • Safety: Black youth are safe and engaged in meaningful opportunities and are connected
  • Health: Black children and youth are physically, mentally and emotionally well
  • Community: Increasing Peel black community agencies capacity
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Digital Health Careers - DHC

DHC assists internationally trained healthcare and information technology professionals in finding alternative careers in Health Informatics (HI) and is delivered in Toronto in collaboration with Digital Health Canada. The overall objective of this program is to improve employment outcomes for participants, to increase awareness of alternate careers, and to study the effectiveness of supports from a professional association, compared to traditional job search, speakers, and job shadowing. Digital Health Careers graduated its first cohort of 12 participants in November 2018.

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Skills and Experience Transitioning Canada – SETCAN

Setcan assists internationally trained professionals in the accounting and finance sector by increasing their employability and job-readiness. These highly skilled professionals, through the support of this program, acquire their first Canadian professional work experience within the accounting and finance sectors. This is achieved through the assistance of a paid internship and the development of networking, interviewing and advanced job search techniques. Funded by Employment and Skills Development Canada, since Jan 2018, Setcan has assisted 42 internationally trained newcomers to develop their job search skills, to activate an action plan and to find employment that is commensurate with their professional experience.

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FCR Loans program Staff Story

"I like this team because my team is passionate about the program and the people we help. I get excited and happy everyday to come to work because I help ITI’s relaunch their careers and reach their potential in Canada. I learn daily about the struggles and the success of the individuals I work with. I love coming to work everyday because I feel like I can be myself and practice my passion and skills." - Ruwaida A.

Accelerating Career Advancement – Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) Loans Program

The mission of the FCR Loans program is to facilitate the process, whereby Internationally Trained Individuals [ITIs] are able to use their skills and education to the fullest degree for their benefit and for Canada’s collective prosperity. The program is a one-stop-shop for ITIs, where they will be provided with guidance and resources to easily navigate through the Canadian system and get their careers started in Canada. The program offers a financial loan of up to $15,000 [eligibility and an established service criterion applies] along with one-on-one career counselling. The financial loan will be applied to expenses related to foreign qualification assessment fees, association and examination fees, short-term bridge training, books and course materials, travel expenses and living allowance. The one-on-one counselling sessions cover 10+ areas of career counselling, and assists participants to secure interim employment as well as a job in their profession. The project is funded by Employment and Social Development Canada and the disbursement of the loan is carried out via our Financial Partner, Meridian Credit Union.

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Providing newcomers with timely support to help them to settle into their new communities is critical to their successful integration. Centre for Education & Training (TCET) assisted over 12,000 newcomers through its on-line pre-arrival services and in-person information and referral services and programming. TCET’s newcomer services include individual assessments and referrals; information on settlement topics and resources; pre-employment and employment related activities; and services that meet the social and inclusion needs of newcomers. While the majority of services are offered in person at one of our one-stop service sites, our growth in delivering online services allow for clients outside of Canada to receive the service and support that they need for their successful integration. TCET is the expert in providing the most up-to-date information and referrals for our newcomer clients to ensure they are empowered to make informed decisions about their settlement, employment and recreational needs.

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Newcomer Information Centres (NIC) are funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to provide information and referral services to newcomers.
The aim of the NIC is to meet the immediate, short term requests of newcomers through the provision of accurate and pertinent information to ensure clients can access the services for which they are eligible. The NICs provide information that includes, but is not limited to, employment, language training, healthcare, housing, legal and social services, recreation and finance. At all five NIC locations, clients have access to a self-directed resource centre and free Commissioner of Oaths services.

NICs offer in-house and off-site information sessions and presentations on settlement related topics. These informative sessions provide an opportunity to learn, share and discuss career development and settlement progress in a group setting. Some of the topics include Canadian Workplace Culture, Knowing Your Rights at Work, Canadian Tax System, Canadian Winters and Applying for Canadian Citizenship

At two NIC locations Care for Newcomer Children is available free of charge. The program ensures the care and child minding of newcomer children, while parents/legal guardians access our on-site services.

NIC connects to newcomers in the community by providing its one-to-one information & referral as well as the Commissioner of Oaths services from multiple community partners’ locations. These include Brampton & Mississauga Libraries, Places of Worship and Community Centres. In 2018, over 2,600 client visits were recorded at all itinerant locations.

The NIC expanded its services in 2018 and in September NIC began providing on-line services to newcomers looking for assistance with their settlement and employment needs. NIC clients can now access in-person and on-line services based on their needs and preferences.


  • 10,493 newcomer clients visited our information and referral centres for one-to-one counselling
  • 26,571 newcomer client visits were recorded to access self-directed resources such as printed materials, computers, fax, scanners, and internet
  • 32,133 documents were certified by Commissioners of Oaths for 6,395 clients
  • Care for Newcomer Children was provided for 3,401 child visits
  • 5,375 newcomers participated in a wide variety of settlement-related information sessions
  • 2,118 clients were assisted by itinerant information counsellors working from 16 off-site locations
  • 25 special activities such as Canada 150 Celebrations, Client Appreciation Day, Family Day Celebration, Multicultural New Year Celebrations and Women’s International Day were organized to engage newcomers in social networking and to familiarize them with Canadian culture.
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“Working at TCET is a great pleasure for me. The thing I appreciate the most about the company is that it has given me the opportunity to work in a pleasant multicultural environment with cooperative colleagues. Also, I am very grateful to work on a project which helps new immigrants.” - Ali


Compass to Connect is a pilot project funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to design, develop and test a web-based application that connects newcomers to settlement services. The application will gather information from newcomers about their needs, their location and their preferred language. This data will be used to filter the search and present options that meet the newcomer’s criteria. The application will also allow newcomers to submit a request directly to the service organizations so that they can reach out to the newcomer and initiate service intake.

This project was initiated in summer 2018 and research was conducted with settlement agencies and client focus groups to help define database and communication requirements. For the initial phase of the pilot, the database will include seven settlement agencies in Peel/Halton. As the project progresses, more agencies and geographic areas will be involved.
The Compass Initiative’s objectives are to:

  • Provide reliable, up-to-date information on settlement services
  • Enable newcomers to quickly and easily identify eligible services that meet their specific needs
  • Enable newcomers to connect to the service of their choice by submitting an online intake form
  • Provide an additional avenue of outreach/promotion for settlement agencies
  • Explore additional features such as creating a common intake form, report generating tools and/or connections to service mapping tools


  • The Compass team was recruited and immersed in project planning in late 2018
  • Project outreach was conducted and 7 settlement providers were recruited to provide input to the service inventory, advise of their intake systems, and help recruit focus group participants
  • An environmental scan was conducted of 17 websites, 18 meetings/interviews and 11 focus groups with over 100 newcomers
  • With this input, database scope and features were proposed and programming begun
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In April 2018, Centre for Education & Training (TCET) received funding from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration to deliver the Women’s Connections & Empowerment Program (WCEP) under the Multicultural Community Capacity Grant Program. Through the project, newcomer women had an opportunity to participate in various information, networking sessions, workshops and group meetings. The Women’s Connections and Empowerment Program complemented our existing settlement supports to further successfully integrate women into Canadian society and promote the full participation of women in the social, economic and civic life of the province. At each of our five Newcomer Information Centres, newcomer women had an opportunity to enhance their knowledge on health & sexuality, legal rights and Canadian laws, parenting supports, exploring work and career options, accessing recreation opportunities, and dealing with isolation, depression and stress. Between April and December over 550 women participants benefited from the program.

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PrepCan (www.prepcan.ca) offered pre-arrival employment services for immigrants to Canada while they were still in their home country. This invaluable resource, available 24/7, provided newcomers with information on the accreditation process, interview tips, resume assistance, instructional webinars and videos, and one-on-one coaching sessions with experienced employment consultants for a customized pre-arrival action plan. In 2018, 1240 clients from over 40 different countries were assisted through the PrepCan program.

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For many immigrants who are not yet fluent in English or French, learning one of the country’s official languages is essential for success whether in the community, an educational setting, or in the workplace. Our language services provide that first important step: a language assessment and referral to English or French classes. For those planning to come to Canada or wishing to practice their skills, an online self-assessment provides a good start and valuable links and resources. Language learners across Canada are not always able to attend in-person classes so our distance education programs are important options for many learners. Finally, our interpretation and translation services have enabled effective communication and documentation for medical, legal, employment, or other purposes. In 2018, we provided cheerful and professional service to over 67,000 individuals.

Some of our projects provide support to over 170 organizations providing language services. This year we trained language assessors across Ontario and beyond, continued the creation of new assessment tools, and provided webinars for teachers in many regions. Through our extensive database, language assessors and training providers were able to input courses and clients, refer to services, and produce reports for tracking and planning. We continue to facilitate meetings and contribute to policy and planning on local, provincial, and national committees. We are always pleased to support others’ success in making our communities flourish.

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Centre for Education & Training (TCET) provides the crucial entry point for free English or French language training for immigrants to Canada by conducting a language assessment and referral to class. We have been assessing and referring immigrants to language training for over 25 years. Our assessors provide a friendly welcome; assess English or French skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing; and make referrals to language classes to best meet client needs. In 2018, we provided 14,974 assessments in Peel and Halton and administered 9,057 assessments in York, Durham, and Simcoe for a total of 24,031 assessments.

In Ontario, these services are co-funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) through the Coordinated Language Assessment and Referral System (CLARS). This ensures one point of entry to all funded language training for newcomers and immigrants. Our organization continues to provide exceptional service and support to both clients and language training providers.

In Peel and Halton our 5 core assessment locations are co-located with our Newcomer Information Centres and in many cases, Employment Services. This enables one-stop service for many immigrants. It is particularly helpful that in 2 of our sites (at Malton and Oakville), child-minding services are available for parents attending an assessment. Also, at 2 sites, Community Door partnerships enable access to many other on-site services.

We operate one stand-alone assessment site in Richmond Hill and have weekly appointments scheduled in all 5 Welcome Centres in York Region and 2 Welcome Centres in Durham Region. In all of our Regions of service we provide assessments in more remote areas on a scheduled basis. Accessibility is key for many clients and the advantage of convenient locations and co-location of services is a true benefit.

Centre for Education & Training continued to support language training providers in the coordination and sharing of best practices in all our service areas. This included hosting and coordinating language partnership meetings, providing agendas and minutes, and assisting with overall communication. Demographic and statistical reports were prepared and shared with the committees for planning purposes, and marketing initiatives were conducted to promote language assessment and training services. We continue to support partnerships through our website with schedules, flyers, resources, archived materials, and more.


French language assessments increased by 42% over the past year as we served 1,263 clients wishing to enhance their French skills.

Hosted by partnering community agencies, our language assessors delivered itinerant services in Bolton, Milton, Burlington, Bradford and remote communities as far as Owen Sound, Penetanguishene, and Collingwood.

In partnership with school boards and employers delivering workplace language training, our assessors travelled to employer sites in York region to administer assessments to newcomers in the workplace.

Support to refugees continued in 2018. For those who could not travel to one our TCET locations, we coordinated service with the local Refugee Assistance Program provider to conduct offsite assessments at their temporary hotel or shelter.
Considerable outreach was conducted in all regions, educating service providers, community groups, and newcomers on the services available and how to access service. We provided presentations, attended community events, and shared information at conferences and meetings.

We are active on social media and our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn presence involves tens of thousands of updates, engagements, tweets and impressions. Our online assessment registration process assisted over 320 clients to initiate access online.

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TCET continued to support and further enhance the web-based Canadian Language Benchmarks – Online Self-Assessment (CLB-OSA) and Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens - Autoévaluation en ligne (NCLC-AEL). These online self-assessment tools provide newcomers and potential immigrants with the opportunity to understand their level of English and French language skills and how these will impact their education and employment prospects in Canada. The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks (CCLB) partners with TCET to support the French language assessment tool. Building on the core IRCC-funded project, the Citizenship and Immigration Division of the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services contributed funds for the enhancement of the system and features for the period 2018-2021.


  • A total of 28,639 new users from 170 countries around the world, including 7,880 users from Ontario, used the online assessments in 2018 to assess their English or French skills.
  • In 2018, the Online Self-Assessment was promoted to the LINC/ESL community at the following conferences: BC TEAL (Vancouver), NS TESL (Wolfville), TESL Ontario (Toronto) and Canadian Immigrant Fair (Mississauga). Presentations and exhibitor booths provided ESL teachers, assessors, students and agenct representatives with updates on the tools’ features, benefits, and latest developments. Presentations were also delivered at four different service providers in Calgary and Edmonton.
  • The OSA/AEL team delivered information webinars and mini demonstrations to interested audiences in Ontario. These were very well received by attendees.
  • Following a recent upgrade to improve website accessibility and compatibility with most modern devices and browsers, the OSA/AEL website was optimized using responsive design techniques to make it more user friendly for use on smartphones and tablets as well as on desktops and laptops.
  • In March 2018, an additional Reading Assessment in English was completed and launched. New French Reading and English Writing assessment developments were initiated in 2018 to become available to the public in 2020.
  • Revisions to the website content included the following areas: frequently asked questions (FAQ), revised benchmark descriptors, and web-page design/layout to improve navigation.
  • New bilingual marketing materials were designed and produced to ensure equal promotional opportunities for our services in both English and French. This also included short promotional videos in English and French
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Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) is an English language training program funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Our LINC Home Study (LHS) program is a free distance education option for adult newcomers to Canada who cannot attend LINC classes in person. The program allows students to study at their own pace and on their own time either online (using a computer with Internet access) or offline (using books and CDs). In addition, each student is contacted by a TESL-certified instructor via telephone or VoIP for weekly one-on-one lessons. We provide the infrastructure for the LHS program and have the capacity to either provide our own instructors or to partner with regional service providers to meet the needs across Canada. The program’s success is made possible due to the ongoing support from IRCC, strong partnerships with regional referring organizations and the dedication of our many staff and instructors.

Additional Program Features for Students:

  • Additional Conversation Classes - 45 minutes of additional one-on-one conversation practice each week by phone/VOIP
  • Virtual Conversation Classes - 1 hour long, group conversation classes in a virtual classroom
  • Write@Home - Quarterly publication of student writing with over 70 articles per edition
  • Client Support Services - Help Desk, one-on-one Learning Management System support, webinars, videos and more!

 Additional Program Features for Instructors:

  • Bits and Bytes – Virtual workshops showcasing instructional technology
  • Virtual Cafes – Virtual meet-ups for instructors to connect and discuss topics
  • Annual PD Event – Full-day of professional development focusing on LHS instructor needs


  • The LINC Home Study program served 3,379 students with the support of over 80 instructors across 9 provinces and 3 territories
  • 75% of students progressed in 1 or more skills (listening, speaking, reading or writing) after a 6 month period with the program
  • A new website and new look for the Learning Management System was launched in spring 2018 28 virtual workshops on a variety of topics were delivered to LHS instructors
  • an eLearning course called Feedback for Learning was developed for LHS instructors to assist them with their work
  • With support from the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks (CCLB), LHS is gradually adopting practices from Portfolio-Based Language Assessment, a new standardized instructional methodology for funded language training programs across Canada
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Online English Stage 1-2 (OE) is a distance education option for immigrants in Saskatchewan who are ineligible for LINC Home Study yet unable to access provincially-funded, classroom-based training. TCET provides the infrastructure and the instructors for this English language training program funded by the Government of Saskatchewan. Students include temporary foreign workers and Canadian citizens.


In 2018, 170 students participated in the OE program.

  • In 2018, 170 students participated in the OE program.
  • 51 articles were published in Writer’s Block, a quarterly publication of OE student writing
  • 145 students benefited from other OE program activities: including additional one-on-one conversation practice, group conversation classes and language for employment webinars
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In 2018, Language Assessment Support Services (LASS) continued to deliver effective training and refresher sessions to English language assessors across Ontario on the administration of TCET’s Canadian Language Benchmarks-based assessment tools (CLBA, CLBA-LL, and ELTPA). Training and supports ensure that assessors continue to obtain accurate results and make appropriate referrals to government-funded language training classes. LASS organized and hosted online Ontario-wide assessors’ professional development workshops on topics related to the assessors’ roles. In addition, two online meetings for Ontario language assessment managers/coordinators were facilitated to provide information, discussion of trends, and sharing of best practices. This also included the provision of input to funders on policies and practices.


  • In 2018 LASS provided initial training to 34 assessors in TCET’s assessment tools
  • A two-part online orientation was developed and delivered to 4 new CLARS language assessment centre coordinators and managers.
  • Online Refreshers and Recalibration sessions were provided to 91 assessors
  • 78 assessors attended workshops on topics including Portfolio Based Language Assessment (PBLA) Overview, and Mental Health 101.
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NLATS Various Participant Quotes

“Thank you for such a great opportunity to enhance my skills in the field of language assessment.”

“Being observed and receiving feedback was the most valuable portion.”

“We should do this at least once per year!”

“Thanks for such comprehensive training.”

“I benefitted from all of the exercises and training materials.”


National Language Assessment Training Services (NLATS) continued to provide comprehensive training and support services to coordinators and assessors across Canada (outside Ontario) on TCET’s Canadian Language Benchmarks-based assessment tools.

A total of 41 assessors across 8 organizations received training and support on effective processes and delivery of accurate assessment results and referrals to government-funded language training classes.


  • In 2018, NLATS provided initial training to 10 assessors, recalibration for 12 assessors, and online mentoring for 3 assessors
  • Trainers conducted an online refresher for 8 assessors and a hands-on support session for 2 assessors on the Canadian Language Benchmarks Assessment for Literacy Learners (CLBA-LL) adapted procedure/tool
  • Trainers delivered the webinar “Literacy Assessment Results – Understanding the L Factor” to a nationwide audience
  • TCET delivered additional training for 7 assessors on the Enhanced Language Training Placement Assessment (ELTPA) in Edmonton.
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CLBPA Development

The Canadian Language Benchmark Placement Assessment (CLBPA) is one of TCET’s newest projects funded by IRCC for the period 2017-2020 and developed in collaboration with the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks (CCLB). This exciting initiative will produce a new, updated and efficient language assessment tool which incorporates the best features of the assessment tools currently in use, new standards, and greater use of technology for efficiency and accessibility. With a range from Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 1 to 8, the CLBPA will assess all four skill areas: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Once completed, the CLBPA is expected to replace the existing core language assessment tools (CLBA and CLBPT) for placement to government-funded language training.


  • Field tests at selected sites were conducted for the Speaking Test with revisions and observations noted
  • Audio/video production was completed to build the Listening pilot test forms
  • Remote assessment development is underway, fixing bugs and adding features ongoing
  • Pilot test content has been configured for the Listening Test
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Language Curriculum Training Services (LCTS)

In 2018, Language Curriculum Training Services (LCTS), provided guidance and training to over 660 language instructors across the designated regions of Peel, Halton, London, Windsor, Thunder Bay, and Sault Ste. Marie. Our LCTS coordinator staff conducted and arranged professional development webinars and provided one-on-one support to instructors and administrators. Specialized webinar topics included: Creating Effective Rubrics And Other Assessment Tools for PBLA, Blended Learning: Sharing Approaches Across the Regions, Accessibility and Assistive Device Tools for English Language Learning and Teaching Canadian Workplace Culture, Eh. The LCTS coordinator also continued to provide webinars on Using the Revised CLB for Classroom Planning and Assessment. Workshop sessions were delivered online via Tutela.ca and were targeted to instructors of IRCC-funded language programs. Instructors continued to access resources at the Teachers’ Resource Library and additional online resources were listed and described on the website.


In addition to regular project activities, LCTS also successfully organized two Mental Health Conferences, one in Peel/Halton and one in Toronto, for a total of 344 instructors and administrators. Additionally, LCTS arranged for 86 instructors of LINC organizations across Peel, Halton and Toronto to receive Mental Health First Aid training provided by trainers from the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

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Language Database and Support Services: HARTs

TCET’s History of Assessments, Referrals and Training system (HARTs) team continued to provide database services and supports to the assessment and language training community in Ontario.  Additionally this service provides logistics, data collection, and analysis for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and the Citizenship and Immigration Division of the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS).

For clients, this system helps ensure seamless delivery of service and appropriate matching of client needs/skills to course options in their local area.  The system is used by language assessors benchmarking clients’ language proficiency and referring clients to English and French classes across Ontario. It is also used by language training providers to monitor and manage their intake and wait lists. Community stakeholders, including IRCC and MCCSS, use HARTs statistical analysis for strategic planning.

HARTs currently supports more than 150 organizations and 2,500 users across Ontario through training, helpdesk support, and response to requests for changes and reports. The team responded to over 29,000 requests in 2018 (an average of 2,430 requests a month). With a mandate to serve all providers in Ontario in both official languages, the application is available in both English and French.

The team continued to address government and user requirements by developing programming solutions and by training and supporting users throughout the year.


  • The HARTs team continued to work closely with the iCARE team at IRCC to modify the system to ensure alignment with the national iCARE system  and to conduct webinars for users in partnership with the iCARE team.
  • HARTs added many new functionalities and updated current features to ensure the most relevant information is being provided to the users.
  • The HARTs feedback survey was conducted resulting in highly positive and useful comments
  • A key new feature, Portfolio-based Language Assessment (PBLA), was released in the system to allow language training providers to create new student reports in the system and produce certificates.
  • Funders received timely and complete data and analysis reports for their planning purposes
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Language Database and Support Services: XPORTAL AND LEARNER MYPATH

The xPortal and Learner MyPath Portal (LMP) are funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS).

The xPortal application is used by provincially-funded Language Training Providers (LTP’s) to record and track assessments, class registration, attendance and learning outcomes for their learners in specific English and French eLearning and Specialized Language Training (SLT) classes. These classes are not part of the regular Coordinated Language Assessment and Referral System and are considered “pilots”. 

The xPortal supports courses and learners from 26 language training organizations and is under continuous development to meet the emerging needs of the providers and MCCSS. In order to handle change requests most efficiently, the xPortal team has started to work on a new version of the application using the latest technology.

Learner My Path is a web-based application that enables learners in the provincial Adult Non-Credit Language Training Program to access their transcripts, which include assessment results, courses taken and courses underway, as well as progression results in Specialized Language Training, eLearning, ESL, and FSL courses. 


  • The xPortal project provides online and phone support to users.  In the user satisfaction survey conducted in the last quarter of 2018, 100% of respondents said that they were very satisfied with the service received.
  • The Learner MyPath website was launched in September 2018. Learners recorded in the xPortal database receive their user account information to log in the application. The transcript reflects the learners’ course history in ESL, FSL, SLT, and eLearning courses.
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The Translation and Interpretation department coordinated and delivered written translation services including an array of projects from concept to document preparation. The department also provided in-person and remote interpretation services assisting immigrants with timely access to health, education and legal services.

In 2018, we served a wide variety of public and government organizations including:

  • Workplace Safety Insurance Board of Ontario
  • Region of Peel
  • William Osler Health Centre / Etobicoke General Hospital
  • Developmental Services Ontario
  • Bridgepoint Hospital
  • York Region District School Board
  • Newcomer Information Centre
  • Allevio Health Centre
  • Halton Region
  • Injury Management & Medical Assessment
  • Heart Hospice
  • Karen Kwan Anderson, Barrister & Solicitor
  • Family Education Centre

Our Translation and Interpretation department is certified through:

  • the Canadian General Standards Board and Standard Council of Canada (Translation Service Standard Certificate of Translation Services)
  • Language Industry Certification System (LICS) as a Community Interpreting Service Provider (CISP).

We are a proud member of Association de l’industrie de la langue/Language Industry Association (AILIA)

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By the numbers infographic
By the numbers infographic
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Business Development & Stakeholder Relations

The Business Development & Stakeholder Relations team leads government relations, sponsorship initiatives and new stakeholder relations. The team’s objective is to contribute to the diversification and expansion of TCET’s revenue and customer base and advance the profile of the organization. In 2018 a Proposal Development Committee was established which comprised a team of internal subject matter experts to proactively formulate and define business development plans that will help in strategically positioning the organization in responding to immediate and anticipated opportunities.


  • For the second year in a row TCET won GOLD in the Best Business & Career Centre category with the Brampton Guardian’s Readers’ Choice Awards. This award demonstrated TCET’s commitment to client service and support. It reflects how engaged TCET is with the people we serve, and how loyal those people are as promoters of the organization.
  • For the second year in a row TCET was a finalist for the Mississauga Board of Trade’s Business Excellence Awards in the Non-Profit category.


  • Under the Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) program, TCET was awarded an eight-year contract to deliver the Accelerating Career Advancement – FCR Loans program. This program provides support to Internationally Trained Individuals in the GTA by offering financial loans and one-one career counselling. The loans are disbursed by our financial partner Meridian Credit Union and are guaranteed by the Government of Canada.
  • Under the Service Delivery Improvements CFP TCET was awarded two three-year contracts from the Federal Department of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada:
    • The Futures in Digital Health program assists internationally trained healthcare and information technology professionals in finding alternative careers in Health Informatics and is delivered in Toronto in collaboration with Digital Health Canada.
    • Compass to Connect aims to design, develop and test a web-based application that will efficiently connect newcomers to settlement services
  • TCET was awarded a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to administer the Black Youth School Success Initiative (BYSSI) in conjunction with a collaborative of community partners to support up to 500 black high-school youth in the Region of Peel.
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Our Partnerships

Access Employment
Afghan Women's Organization
AIRS- Inform Canada
Ajax Community Centre
Ajax Public Library
Albion Neighbourhood Services
Archbishop Romero School
Angela's Place
Ascension of Our Lord School
Associated Youth Services (RAIN Program)
Association de L’industrie de la langue/Language Industry Association.
Association for New Canadians, NL
Aurora College, NWT
Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Peel
Bow Valley College, AB
Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library
Bramalea Secondary School
Brampton Board of Trade
Brampton Centenniel Secondary School
Brampton Economic Development Group
Brampton Libraries
Brampton Mayor’s Youth Team
Brampton Multicultural Community Centre
Brampton Queen Street Shelter
Brampton Small Business Enterprise Centre
Brampton Springdale Network
Brampton Transit
Brands for Canada
Brian J Flemming Secondary School                
"Building Healthy Communities Network"
– Region of Peel
Build ON Ottawa (YMCA)
Business Education College
Buton House
CAA Don Mills
Caledon Brampton Implementation Committee
Calgary Immigrant Educational Society, AB
Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture
Canadian College of Business, Science & Technology, North York
Cabbagetown Youth Centre
Canadian Institute of Management and Technology (CMIT)
Canadian Mental Health Association
Canadian Training Institute - Steps 2 Success
Career Foundations
Career School of Hairstyling
Cariboo Chilcotin Partners for Literacy
Carlton Trail Regional College, SK
Castlebrook Secondary School
Catholic Crosscultural Services
Cawthra Shelter
CDI College - Business Technology Healthcare, North York/Scarborough
Centennial College
Central Alberta Refugee Effort, AB
Central Neighbourhood House
Central Peel Secondary School
Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society, BC
Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (CAMH)
Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks
Centre for Immigrant & Community Services
Centre for Security Training & Management Inc
Centre Francophone
Cestar College of Business, Health and Technology, Toronto/Centre
Child and Youth Engagement Brampton
Chilliwack Community Services, BC
Chinese Association of Mississauga
City Adult Learning Centre
City of Refuge
City of Toronto
Coalition for Persons with Disabilities - Peel, Halton, Dufferin
Collège Boréal
Collège La Cité, Ottawa - CLIC en ligne
Community Information Fairview
Community Door (Mississauga & Brampton)
Community Living Mississauga
Community Matters
Condor Immigration Solutions
Cornerstone Group Home
Correctional Office
Correctional Service of Canada
Cowichan Valley Intercultural and Immigrant Aid Society, BC
CPA Ontario
Credit Canada
Credit Counselling Services of Canada
Culture Link
Cumberland Regional  College, SK
David Suzuki Secondary School
Digital Health Canada
Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre
Dixon Hall
Don Valley Employment Network
Don Valley Employment Solutions
Downtown Toronto Employment Partnership
Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board
Dunbarton Fairport United Church
Durham Adult Learning Centre
Durham Alternative Secondary School
Durham Catholic District School Board
Durham College
Durham County Library
Durham District School Board - Continuing Education
Durham Region Language Training Partnership
Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre
Eclypse Youth Centre
Elder Technology Assistance Group (Miss & Br)
Elizabeth Fry Society
Elm Drive Adult Learning Centre
English Online Inc., MB
Eva's Satellite
Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium
Fairview Inter-Organizational Network 
Faith Family Church
Family Services of Peel
Find Help
First Work Central Region
Fred Victor
George Brown College
Georgian College
Global Experience Ontario
Golden Mile Employment & Social Services

Great Plains College, SK
Gurdwara Sikh Sangad Brampton
Halifax Regional School Board, NS
Halton Catholic District School Board
Halton ESINC Planning Group
Halton Industry and Education Council
Halton Multicultural Council - HMC Connections
Halton Newcomer Strategy Group: Steering and Service Coordination Working Groups
Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic School Board
Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board
Harold Braithwaite Secondary School
HMC Connections
Humber College
Immigrant & Multicultural Services Society of Prince George, BC
Immigrant Centre Pre-Arrival Centre
Immigrant Language and Vocational Assessment Referral Centre, AB
Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia, NS
Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia (ISSofBC)
Immigrant Settlement and Integration Services, NS
Indus Community Services
In-TAC Pre-Arrival Services
Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria, BC
International Women of Saskatoon Inc., SK
Japanese Social Services
Jewish Immigrant Aid Services 
John Howard Society -Toronto, Peel, Halton, Dufferin, Durham
Judith Nyman Secondary School
Kamloops Cariboo Regional Immigrant Society
Karen Ziemann Consulting, AB
Kawathra Pine Ridge District School Board
Kennedy House
Knights Table
Labour Education Centre
Liaison College
Language Assessment Services of Nova Scotia (LASNS)
Lawrence Heights Employment & Social Services
Lawrence Heights Inter-Organizational Network 
Learning Disabilities Association of Toronto
Learning Enrichment Foundation
Legal Aid Ontario
Lesmills Employment & Social Services
LINC Home Study Canada Working Group
Local Employment Planning Council (Peel/Halton)
Lower Similkameen Community Services Society, BC
Maestro Quality
Malton Inter-Agency Network
Malton Neighbourhood Services
Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute
Mclean Community Centre
Medix College of Healthcare and North American Trade School
Mennonite New Life Center Toronto
Meridian Credit Union
Metro-Region Immigrant Language Services, NS
Microskills East
Mississauga Business Enterprise Center
Mississauga Board of Trade
Mississauga Community Legal Services
Mississauga Employment Services Network
Mississauga Library System
Mississauga Secondary School
Miziwe Biik
Monsieur Fraser College
Moose Jaw Multicultural Council, SK
Mr. Lube
Multicultural and Immigrant Services  Association of North Vancouver Island
Multicultural Association of Charlotte County
Multicultural Association of Fredericton, NB
Multicultural Association of the Greater Moncton Area, NB
Multicultural Centre of the Yukon, YT
National Language Advisory Body/IRCC
New Directions North
New Life Covenant Centre
New Page Human Services Society, BC
Newcomer Centre of Peel
Newcomer Information Centre Saskatoon, SK
Newcomer Services YMCA Simcoe/Muskoka
Nexus Youth Services
Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre
NorQuest College, AB
North Island College, BC
North West Regional College, SK
Northwest Community College, BC
NPower Canada
Oakville Libraries 
Ontario Association of Youth Employment Centres - First Work
Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI)
Ontario Khalsa Darbar Gurdwara
Options Canada
Ottawa Catholic School Board
Our Place Peel - Shelter
Overlea, Springhurst & Victoria LINC, Toronto                 
Oxford College of Arts, Business and Technology, Toronto
Palestine House
Parkland College, SK
Paye Program, Toronto Centre
Peace Lutheran Church
Peel Adult Learning Centre
Peel Career Assessment Services
Peel Chinese Association of Mississauga
Peel District School Board
Peel Family Shelter
Peel Halton Dufferin - Executive Council, Partnership Groups (IRCC)
Peel Memorial Hospital - Mental Health, Addictions
Peel Multicultural Council
Peel Newcomer Strategy Group
Peel Youth Village
Peel Youth Violence Prevention Network
Peel/Halton Workforce Development Group
PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada
Penticton and District Multi Cultural Society, BC
Petticoat Library
Pickering Pentecostal Church
Pickering Public Library
Pickering Village United Church
Polycultural Immigrant & Community Services

Punjabi Community Health Services
Praise Cathedral Worship Centre - Youth Program
Professional Immigration Network
Rapport Youth and Family Services
Royal Bank - Youth Strategy & Innovation
Reachout Committee
Read Right Society, BC
Red Door Shelter
Redwood Shelter
Regina Open Door Society, SK
Regional Municipality of Durham
Region of Peel - Newcomer Portal
Region of Peel-Volunteers
Regional Connections (MB)
Regional Diversity Roundtable
Renewed Computer Technology
Res Q Youth International
Revera Long Term Care
Rexdale Community Hub
Right Management
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Saint John YM-YWCA, NB
Sal Programs-Peel
SALCO - South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario
Saskatchewan Polytechic
Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies
Seneca College
Service Canada-GTA
Sherbourne Health Centre
Sheridan College
Shuswap Settlement Services Society, BC
Sikh Leher Centre
Simcoe County District School Board - Career Centre
Skills for Change
Smithers Community Services Association, BC
Social Enterprise for Canada
Stella's Place
South Fletcher Community Centre
Southeast Regional College, SK
Southern Alberta Language Assessment Services, AB
Springboard Services
Sri Guru Nanak Sikh Centre
St Gabriel Adult Learning Centre
St. Augustine Secondary School
St. James Town Community Corner
St. James Town Service Providers Network
St. James Town Youth Network
St. Marcellinus Secondary School
St. Stephen's Community House
Street Heaven Learning Centre
Studio 89
Sunlife Financial
TDSB – Next-Steps Employment Centre
TESL Ontario
Thames Valley District School Board, London
The Centre for Skills Development & Training
The Community Share Food Bank
The Cross-Cultural Community Services Association
The Gathering Place
The Learning Place
The Salvation Army Honeychurch Family Life and Resource Centre
Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office
Times Change
Toastmasters of Canada
Toronto Centre for Community Learning & Development
Toronto Centre Service Delivery Network
Toronto District School Board
Toronto Employment and Social Services
Toronto North Local Immigration Partnership
Toronto Public Library - Don Mills, Fairmall Library, Parliament Branch
Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)
Toronto South Local Immigration Partnership
Toronto Workforce Innovation Group
TRIOS College Business Technology Healthcare, Scarborough/Toronto
Turner-Fenton Secondary School
United Way of Peel
United Way of Peel Diversity Council
University of Guelph -Humber
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
University Settlement
Victoria Village Hub                
Volunteer MBC
Volunteer Toronto
Welcome Centre Immigrant Services - Durham Region
Welcome Centre Immigrant Services - York Region
Wellesley Community Centre
Wellesley Place Employment & Social Services
Western ESL Services
William Osler Health System Foundation
Windmill Micro Lending
Work Authority
Workers Action Centre
Working Skills Centre
Working Women Community Center
World Education Services
YMCA Employment & Community Services
YMCA of Durham
YMCA of Greater Saint John, NB
YMCA of Greater Toronto Area
YMCA of Mississauga
Yonge Street Mission
York Region Catholic District School Board
York Region District School Board
York Region Local Immigration Partnership
York/Simcoe Language Training Partnership
Yorkdale Adult Learning Centre
Yorkton Newcomer Welcome Centre, SK
Youth Employment Services
Youth Employment Toronto
Youth Link
Youth Unlimited
YWCA (Toronto)
YWCA Prince Albert, SK

In 2018, many of our programs were funded by:

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